About Us

Hello, how much did you know about your phone or digital device when you bought it? Did you have the right knowledge and insight, the accurate products when something got broken; what did you do?

Welcome to our exclusive website for all things technology and display devices such as Apple, Mac, and everything in-between.  If it is not on our page, you won’t find it anywhere.

We are your first information source on the latest on technology, products, services, and business on Apple and Mac devices.

What is here?

How many times have you heard about a new product and scanned the web for information, but you can’t find any?

How many times have you wanted to purchase an Apple or Mac product, but you can’t find any trustworthy vendor?

How many times have you searched for information, services, and parts of these devices and had fakes sent down?

Well if all your answers are negative; then welcome to change 2019 and beyond.

On this website, you will find the latest information on technology including all products and services on Mac and Apple.

Our Mission

  • To get you exclusive insight on technology and business of mobile and smart display units
  • Get you the latest information on technology and smart devices before it hits the market
  • Provide authentically and branded parts, service outlet at strategic times to help you with any problem with Apple or Mac products.